Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Man, Do I LOVE Halloween!

We were off to our ward Halloween party and I made everyone take a quick second and let me take their pictures, so these really are not the best pictures, but they are still fun!

I have always loved Halloween! I have had some pretty interesting costumes like a Q- Tip and Cereal Killer. I was even baptized on Halloween, I think I was a devil that year. What are some of your best costumes?


Kim said...

I don't dress up, I wish I did. Although last year I went as the Barbie from Toy Story, the one who's "kid" draws on her face...ya perty fun. You guys look great.

Muncey said...

Funny, I was baptized on Halloween and dressed up as a devil that year too.

You sure we aren't twins? ;)

Aubrey said...

That is so fun, I am sure that your kids love that you dress up too. That is my goal for next year.I love all the costumes very cute.

arianne said...

love the little yoda! how cute is that? I too have to say I love it that you ALL dress up. I used to when I worked in an office but now that I am home really don't. I think next year we will though.

Too funny that you were baptized on halloween and even dressed up as a devil that cracks me up!

stephanie said...

those are all awesome costumes..I love yoda!!!!