Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For those that asked...

Some of my friends from my old neighborhood have asked to see more pictures of my house. You can see some older posts here, here, here, and here of pictures of some of the rooms and get info on what we did to them. But the outside was a big project all in itself, so this is a good time to actually post the before and after pictures of the outside.

As some of you know, my house was pink when I bought it. Yes, really pink! No, this picture doesn't do the color justice. I really hated it, but along with the rest of the house, I knew it had potential. So as soon as the weather got warm we took care of that! Here is the before picture.

So here is the after. I actually forgot to take the after until today, so forgive my crafty Halloween decorations. It looks SOOOO much better now, and I love it!

We ripped everything out of the flowerbeds and started all over. The lawn in the front needed some extra love and care, but the entire back yard which is somewhere in the range of 6500 square feet or so had to be dug up, ripped out, bulldozed, and many many more things. Early this summer we redid it all and laid new sod, put in a trampoline, and a swing set. Next spring we will start on the garden and the patio. It has been a HUGE project, but it was REALLY needed.


arianne said...

love the new layout of your blog BTW.

Your house is beautiful! sounds like it has been a lot of work but it is just beautiful!I love the color you chose to paint your stuco it is gorgeous!! Where do you live again?

FitGeGe said...

OMG, miss Shannon,I love your house! It's exactly what I would have gotten had I stayed in Utah. (I miss Utah.) I love your new blog layout too!! :o)



Robin and Stephenie said...

I just looked at all your pictures of you house and WOW! you have been busy. You are so good to see what can be done I would have been like umm sick I think we need to get a different one. It is so cute we need to come down and visit.