Thursday, January 04, 2007

My house part 1 - Kids Rooms

Here we are, my 100th post! I thought that it would be cool to start a series of posts on my house. I have been wanting to share what we have done on the house and doing one post per room seemed like the best idea. I want to be able to share pictures and also detail what was done in each room.

So here we will start with the kids rooms. You may see the pictures bigger here if you want.

Now for the info. There are 3 kids rooms. I decided to not photograph the third because it is still full of stuff that we need to put away. It had the same work done on it so I thought just showing the two would be ok. Here is a list of things that were done on it.

- We had to start by cleaning out everything that she left. Why do people leave their crap when they move???

- Then we had to remove the carpet. It was nasty, and full of who knows what kinds of germs. It also smelled like cigarette smoke. This had to be removed with gloves and respirators. They did drugs in the house so we were not going to take our chances with the "unknown".

- We also threw away the blinds on the windows.

- Then we removed all the light switches and plugs. I don't think they washed their hands the entire 9 years they lived here so they were black and sticky.

- Once everything was out we had to paint the floors, walls, and ceiling with Kills. This a paint primer that seals the sheet rock and wood. It helps with bacteria, stains and also the smell of smoke. In some rooms this was done with more than one coat.

- When it all smelled better we painted the walls with a two tone paint. White for the trim and Arabian Sand for the walls. They looked a little pink for the first week so we were scared. It is actually a light brown for those that can't tell, and we love it!

- We had new carpet and pad installed.

- Some rooms needed new doors.

- Added new heater vents, light switches and plugs and we were done here.

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alisonwonderland said...

you've done great work with the bedrooms and the family room! i really admire both your willingness and your ability to deal with all of that! looking forward to further posts!