Saturday, January 13, 2007


My computer is having issues. Well actually it is a little more than an issue, the hard drive has called it quits. I hope that it will be fixed soon, but until then please don't forget about me. I am still around and trying to check on my friends when I can. I will be back to posting more pictures of my house when everything gets working again.

I am hoping that my luck lately isn't a sign of how the new year is going to be. Our Jeep is in the shop and will cost us an arm to fix. We might not even get it back until the middle of next week. Also our water softner doesn't work. I am a little peeved at this because this is something that was not disclosed at the sale of the house. That will cost us another arm and maybe a leg to fix. Then there is the computer. Who knows how many limbs might be lost on that one. Maybe none, but it is still a bugger.

On a brighter note though, the kids have been angels lately. I think that being in the new house has helped them in being a little more stable. It has been really nice. I am waiting though for the unleashing of the mosters any moment.

One last thing. I am thinking that I might actually change doctors. The doctor that I have been seeing this entire pregnancy has been a new one. My old doctor didn't accept my insurance, but as of the beginning of October, he does again. There really isn't anything wrong with my new doctor, I just know more about the old one. The question is though, how much of a pain is it going to be to change doctors when I only have 2 1/2 months left. Oh well I guess I just need to follow my gut.

Well, I will return soon. Hope everyone is well!

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