Monday, January 15, 2007

My House Part 3 - Living Room

Looks like my hubby was able to get my computer fixed. I hope that it lasts and that we don't have any more problems.

So here is my living room. Don't laugh, I haven't done much decorating yet. I can promise you that it looks way better than the turquoise that was in there before. The neighbors used to complain that the blue room would light up the entire street at night. It was just that bad. There was a major change to the room that I am SO glad that we did. On the was separating the room from the rest of the house had a big opening. It would have been right above the couch. It made it so you could stand at the front door and see into the family room, dining room and into the kitchen. We framed it and filled it all in. It looks amazing! You would never know that there was an opening there. (Thanks Dad for your awesome sheet rock work!)

Here is the small list of what we did in this room

- Filled in the wall

- Painted

- Added new light switches, plugs, and heater vents.

- Took off the tinting on the windows

- Took down the chair rail

- Took out nasty old tile at the front door and replaced it with new.

I think sometime soon, there will be someone here to refinish the hardwood. When the idiots were installing our carpet, they cut the padding on the hardwood floor and scratched it up pretty bad. We were really mad. So they are coming to fix it soon. :(

Well, that is about it! It looks pretty boring. We really need to get couch covers and some things hung up on the wall, but hey that is easy to do someday!


alisonwonderland said...

i love the hardwood floor. (i can't see the scratches from here. hehe.)

glad to see you back in the blogosphere; i was wondering where you'd been!

East of Oregon said...

I too love the hardwood floors! It looks like a great spacious area!!