Friday, January 05, 2007

My house part 2 - Family Room

To view the full set of our house pictures go here.

I had a request to do the family room next, so here it is. This room was a big job! The crazy lady that lived here wad strange taste in decorating. So before I list what we did to this room I have to explain what it looked like before.

This room had really dark brown faux-paint on the walls, with a crown molding that only went across half the wall. It was really ugly. Around the fire place was a really strange grayish/blue tile. Then on the back door it had a stain glass like covering on it. I actually pulled that off one of the first times I was here after we moved in. The room was really dark with the colors that she had and also because the only light in the room was one above the fireplace. It was a designer's nightmare.

So here is what we did:

- Took the crown molding off. Crazy people glued it on so we had to repair the wall after we took it off.

- Took off the tile around the fire place and replaced it with the tile that we laid in the kitchen and at the front door. (you will see that later)

- Added can lighting in the ceiling to add more light.

- Replaced the window in the back door with the window that has the blinds inside it.

- Replaced the blinds on the window.

- Cleaned and painted the plant shelf. My hubby found pills all lined up behind the molding up there. What an interesting place to hide your drugs.

- Did lots of repairs to the walls, and then painted them the Arabian Sand color that goes throughout the house.

- Added all new light switches, plugs and heater vents.

Now for what's to come:
- Some time soon my hubby and father in law are going to build us a mantle for the fireplace.

- There isn't a glass covering on the fireplace. We will sometime get one. It looks like there once was one, but with their anger problems it might have been broken in a fight. Who knows.

So that completes this room. It is my favorite room in the house! It is comfy and really open. They really did a good job in here. When this room was done it made the entire house look like a very different house.


Becky said...

You must have a play room for your kids because their bedrooms are SOOOO CLEAN!!!!!! I love the family room also. LIke you said, nice and open and comfy!!! Just the way it should be!!! And AGAIN, NO TOYS!!!!!! I so need a new house!!! LOL!

Katkat said...

Ok my house will never be that clean and I have 1 kid!LOL I love the living room!

mommygoingcrazy said...

I hope you all realize that I was not going to post a picture of the room being dirty. :) So of course I cleaned it before I took the picture. There usually is lots of toys all over the floor.

Also we don't have a play room. I try to keep the toys organized in the kids closets. I try to clean out the toys often though. Any little toy that they don't play with gets put away or thrown away. There is no need to keep them around.

One of the things that we have been trying to do better since we moved in, is to keep the house cleaner. So the kids put away their toys every few hours so they aren't in my way. I am tired of stepping around messes.