Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hypothetically Speaking

IF I forgot to put gas in my car and IF I forgot to tell my hubby before we went out for his Birthday that we needed gas, and we stalled in the middle of the intersection turning left off of Bangerter Hwy, PLEASE all you passer by's REMEMBER that this is the SEASON TO BE JOLLY! TO BE GIVING! NOT TO BE HONKING YOUR HORN AND CALLING OUT RUDE NAMES! IF this really did happen....couldn't you maybe think that instead of being rude to the stalled car that you could ask if they needed help?

Not that this really did happen. I am just sayin'. ;)

Happy Birthday yesterday Hubby! I promise ice cream and cake next year! Love you!

Oh and thanks for coming to our rescue Matt!


Suzanne said...

Man, that stinks!!!!! Happy Birthday to your husband!!!

Amber Robbins said...

What a sad b-day story. Sounds like one you will always remember.
Maybe Trevor will get you a gift certifcate to Maverick to get gasoline for your Christmas gift:)

Kim said...

Yikes, I dread that ever happening to me. Happy Birthday to your hubband.

Aubrey said...

Happy belated birthday to Trevor. And by the way thanks for the Christmas card it was adorable.