Monday, December 17, 2007

Pillow Talk

We had the hardest time getting our little princess to bed last night. We thought that it was because of taking a long nap during the day, but after a little while I think we figured out why she couldn't sleep.

It had actually been a little while since she had gotten out of bed. We went and checked on her and she was just falling asleep. Shortly after we hear her in her room talking to something. We walked in and she was talking to her pillow. We asked her what was wrong and this is what she said....

"I'm grumpy with my pillow!"

Daddy- "Why are you grumpy with your pillow?"

"Because it won't let me sleep on it."

Insert me in the hall just DYING! I am trying SO hard to not laugh!

Daddy - "Well, I don't think that your bed is mad at you. Just lay down and I will cuddle with you."

This may have been her sneaky way to get her daddy to cuddle with her, but I still think that it is SUPER cute! She even fell asleep. Hopefully tonight her pillow will be a little nicer.