Thursday, December 13, 2007

I take after him.....

My Big Bro surprises me sometimes. I find out that he and I are more alike that I thought. Last night I went out shopping with a friend and we stopped at Starbucks to get a warm drink (you have to do that when it is 20 degrees outside.) I saw that they had a Carmel Apple Cider drink. I couldn't resist, I had to get it. 10 minutes later I was standing in the electronics section of Shopko just in heaven! HEAVEN I TELL YOU! I loved my warm drink SO much that NaTasha was trying to talk to me and I didn't even notice. I was enjoying it way too much.

So this morning I check my Big Brother's blog and he has this posted on there. Apparently he has a new love to! (Hi bro!) I knew I loved him for some reason! Now thanks to him I have been craving a Carmel Apple Cider ALL DAY!


Muncey said...

Hey anything I can do to help. Just for the record, I've been drinking them for a few years now.

Guess I should have told you about them MUCH earlier. If you add a Blueberry Scone you'll not just be in Heaven but you'll experience the Celestial Kingdom.

I knew that I'd win your love eventually, especially now that you can drive yourself around town instead of asking me to take you and your friends places and I'm not longer an important part of your social life.

Then again maybe being seen in a Yellow 1978 Ford Pinto around town doesn't do much for your social life.

FitGeGe said...

Okay, when I lived in SLC, the only Starbucks was at the airport, which is why I would frantically shout, "I'LL PICK YOU UP FROM THE AIRPORT!!" if anyone so much as breathed a word about flying anywhere.

You kids these days, you have it so easy.


alisonwonderland said...

i guess i'd better head over to Starbucks! :)

Kim said...

How cool is it that your brother blogs? Very.

Muncey said...

Well, I am her favorite and coolest brother. She will even admit that, or at least she better admit to that.

And I wouldn't really call it "Blogging" it's more like "Rambling on without a cause"


Shannon said...

I will happily admit that you are my coolest and most favorite brother! I can do that without any guilt since you are my only brother!

Muncey said...

Shhh....You weren't supposed to say that part.