Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 years

I am a day behind everything this week. I have very good excuses. One of which is the fact that my oldest started school today.

I didn't cry once. Is everyone really proud of me?

I have pictures that I will post tomorrow. But for today I just needed to sit down and write what I fully intended on writing yesterday.

4 years ago yesterday I got news of the death of my dear friend, Kirsten. This news was quite possibly the hardest news I have ever had to deal with. It changed me forever.

She is always on my mind and I miss her every day. Her death took me years to get over. My hubby just said that he was proud of me for not crying yesterday. I know that I will see her again, and that is what holds me together this time of year. She was a wonderful person and today I wanted to take a minute and remember her.

Kirsten, you were a great friend and an example to everyone! I love you and will see you again someday!

To all you.....find someone this week that you have been thinking about and tell them how much they mean to you. Pass the love along. It goes a LONG way! You never know, you may never get the chance again!


Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder...I needed it today...and so great your baby is starting school!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Glad to hear you're holding it together. You've got to be somewhat excited about little Dude starting school...or maybe I'm just saying that because I haven't been there yet ;-)

Becky said...

Please accept my gift of virtual chocolate chip cookies. Hang in there!

Amber Ro said...

sorry to hear about your friend. thanks for the insight about life, and hooray for your toughness at sending little Dude to school!

stephanie said...

hey woman! thanks for the comment on my blog!! i am sorry about your friend, just like you said at least we know we will see our family and friends again! that is really comforting!
ps. dont you LOVE and HATE the all day school? i miss my sammy all day long!but it is nice to have 1 less for awhile.