Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where have I been?

I have escaped from the blogging world for a bit. Where have I been you ask? Well, lets just say that there hasn't been a single clean dish in my house for days. 16 loads of laundry were starting to call my name (well I finally heard it anyway). There are 4 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen, living room and family room that has been neglected far too long.

Let's not forget to mention a little thing called the Olympics that have been hogging the airspace on my tv for the last week. (Michael Phelps is a ROCKSTAR!)

So as much as I love blogging, I do have other responsibilities (I hate being responsible). But I promised the Dino Hunt pictures so they will be coming soon!

I promise!


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Sorry, that last comment was actually me.