Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Adventure - Bowling at Fat Cats

It has been awhile since I have posted about our family adventures. We have been going on them every week still, so I will have to do a catch up post on the things that we have been doing.

This last week our adventure was going bowling at Fat Cats. This was a cool adventure because it was sponsored by the JDRF (Junior Diabetics Research Foundation). We had a blast! The kids loved it! We were babysitting my friends kids so they had to come with us and I am pretty sure they loved it too!

(please forgive me for the terrible quality of these pictures. I had my camera set to automatic so Little Dude could take pictures too and they all ended up pretty dark)

Some of the highlights of the night are:

~ loosing the little boy that we were watching. We had been there for 5 minutes and trying to find a lane and he wandered off. Thankfully he knew to go to the front desk and tell them he was lost.

~My hubby stealing my camera and ending up with a series of pictures of my behind. Be grateful then didn't end up here.

~My hubby getting a strike and then me getting a strike right after him. Our scores never got to over 90 so don't be impressed!

~The fact that my 2 year old Little Man won the game!

~That all the pizza and bowling was free!

~Learning about how we are going to raise money for the JDRF Walk for a Cure. We are STOKED to start this! Team Superhero here we come!

It was a great night!


Holly said...

Looks like fun!

RaCeNMoMmY said...

Sweet. How fun. did you sign up for the free bowling there? FatCat's have free bowling for kids, for the summer. It's two free games a day. go to Let me know if you do, maybe we could meet there sometime. Or any where else. I'm trying to plan free things to do with the kids this summer, to keep them busy & me sane.

Ronda said...

What a blast all of you must have had!

Danielle said...

Is it weird if I say you look hot? And exactly the same....why dont you age? Not fair. fun!

Becky said...

Amazing pictures (as always!!) Seriously, the one of your whole family could be a Christmas Card cover!!!!!! :)