Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Bon Fire

It seems that every week this summer we have been having a bon fire in my back yard. It usually starts by our friends and us wanting to do something, but then realize we are all too poor to go do anything. It has turned out to be a blast every time! Different friends will come by and sometimes the same old people here. Last week we had family in town from New York that we invited over. I would even go as far to say this is turning out to be a tradition.

The kids usually jump on the trampoline or play on the swing set while the adults sit and chat around the fire. It is super relaxing! We have been coming up with some new things to roast over the fire too. I will make a separate post for that so stay tuned! Here are some pictures of our bon fire a few weeks ago (that got rained out). They aren't the greatest pictures, it was getting pretty dark.

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SuzSpeaks said...

How fun! Too bad we don't live closer!