Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Little Man

No I didn't have another girl that no one knew about. This is just what happens to the Little Man when his sister gets her way.

This week has been on crazy for the Little Man. You see he is always a little mischievous but this week he seems to be a little more so. It all started on Wednesday when I came upstairs for a break from work, I saw him walking around the corner with his pants half way pulled up. I asked him if he went potty and he proudly said "YES!" I asked him if he had flushed the toilet. "No, I didn't go in the toilet" he said. I asked him where he went then? "[Princess'] backpack" he replied. I turned the corner then there in the middle of the hallway was the backpacked, soaked. So was the floor all around it. My guess is he was pretending it was on fire and he was the fireman.

The next day my hubby walked into the kitchen and the Little Man was crouched behind the counter with chocolate frosting covering his face. He had gotten into the fridge and took out the container of left over frosting from Little Dude's birthday cake. We have no idea how much frosting was in there, but he had polished off the entire container. 20 carbs for 2 tablespoons, a wild guess of how much insulin to give and a few hours later things were under control. This is time that I am thankful he is in his honeymoon still!

Then Friday morning he woke up really early. One of the other kids woke up not too long after he did (I didn't even know he was awake to be honest) then came running into my room to tell me that he was painting his hand with fingernail polish. I walked into the family room and there he was a glove made out of fingernail polish. His hand was completely covered. It took me almost 30 minutes to get it off.

Then on Saturday he took off his clothes to run through the house completely naked a grand total of 5 times! If he wasn't running around naked he was sneaking out the front door to run two houses down to see if Max, the 15 year old neighbor, would come over and play with him.

Then today I came home from church to a very frustrated daddy because Little Man, for some unknown reason, decided to pee in the HUGE container of lego's. Daddy was washing every single one of them in the bath tub. It took him almost 2 hours to make sure all of them where clean.

He is quite the character I tell ya! Here is another short list of things this kid has done this week.

-Went to a high school basketball game and told a girl that he was 16 years old and that indeed he would love to go to prom with her.

-Refused to give his "girlfriend" Jessie back her blanket after she came over to help her mom do my hair for the wedding. He came up with a plan that she could have his as long as she left her blanket. He carried that thing around for 2 days until I made him give it back to her.

-While this post is all about Little Man I better tell you about Jessie. She is my friend's 14 year old daughter. Over the summer we went to lunch together and Little Man fell in love with Jessie. He constantly asks me "where's Jessie?" "can Jessie come over?" he even goes to find her at church every Sunday. He will follow her around, holding her hand and hugging her. He loves to play with her! He told all Jessie's friends that "Jessie is my boy friend" at the basketball game last night. She came to see him in the hospital when he was diagnosed and gave him a teddy bear. His Jessie bear has to sit at the end of his bed every night! He made a Valentines for her and will wrap up his cars to he can give them to her. While this has nothing to do with Little Man, Jessie was tested a few weeks ago for Celiac Disease. Her blood levels came back pretty elevated so she had a scope done last week. They are waiting for the results. Oh and it is her birthday today....sort of. She was a leap year baby born on Feb. 29th. Next year Little Man will technically be older than her! LOL!

-Convinced someone at the wedding to give him a piece of wedding cake. He had eaten almost the entire thing before I knew about it.

-Watched my wedding video over and over and over again because he wanted to watch mommy in her pretty dress. He asked me ALL day long "You getting married mommy?"

See it really has been a busy week with him. I do think he is adorable, but he keeps me on my toes! Like I have always said "whoever coined the phrase 'terrible two's' never had a three year old!

Just thought I would add that he was caught writing on the hard wood floors today with blue permanent marker. Honestly, this isn't even funny anymore....maybe tomorrow I will laugh.


Reyna said...

OMG...Laughing at little man! the backpack then the lego bin??? REALLY!

Oh and the frosting then the cake at the wedding....UGH. I remember following, more like stalking Joe at parties and special events at that age...trying my best to make sure he didn't get into any food that I didn't know about...that is such a difficult phase. Hang in there! xoxo

The Piquant Storyteller said...

That is so adorably funny. Two and three year olds are my favorite because they seem to all do the things you posted about. You have really cute kids.

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Wow, what a week! Some day, you'll look back on this post and laugh! :)

Becky said...

he's a character!!!!! i hope you can laugh tomorrow.... :)

Wendy said...

Well...his picture is cute :)

Holly said...

Just remember, at least he hasn't baptized the Jeep like his big brother did at that age. That was worse, I think.

Hannah said...

I'm going to make a sign for him to hang around his neck that says "Please don't feed The Little Man"

Donna said...

LOL!! I am so with you on three yr olds being harder to manage than two yr olds!!
You have your hands full with that Little Man, though, dont you? Hang in there!! =)

suefoutz said...

If he happens to pee in the legos again you can just toss them in a sweater bag or pillow case and put them in the wash.

Amy said...


I have one JUST LIKE HIM!!! :) Only, Eli is now 9 and STILL does crazy things....but he is a ton of fun and the girls STILL like him! Fortunately, he now thinks girls are GROSS!!!!