Monday, February 01, 2010

The Potty Training Report. And a Happy 4 year Blog-aniversary to me!

Exactly 4 years ago today I started the Mommy Going Crazy blog. I had a few friends telling me I should start a blog so I sat down one day and set it all up. Then I went to post my first post and didn't know what to say. So I didn't post anything and went on with my day. Ironically, I was potty training my oldest son at that time and he kept having accidents on the floor. My very first post was about poop! LOL! You can read it here.

Now today I am potty training my last child and this post is going to be about poop too! LOL!

Without further "apoo" (I think I am so funny some times!)

I can't believe how this all started still, but I am happy to report that Little Man is doing AMAZING with potty training. It has been a day and a half since he has had an accident. I think my goal of potty training him in under a week is looking pretty good! However, he has only pooped in the potty once. The other times have been in his underwear. Once he can get that down then I will consider it done.

The way we potty train there are no more diapers ever again and we don't use pull ups. This includes at night. Before, when thinking about potty training my newly diagnosed Little Man, I worried about this. High blood sugars + underwear at night + a glass of milk before bed = too much potential for accidents. But he has never had an accident at night! He has woken up every night to go in the potty! I couldn't be more proud!

It really must have been his time.


Amy said...

Little Man rocks!!! Good for you for sticking with it.....potty training always wore me out!!


Tracy said...

Love it! We did it for Zane that way too! Just cold turkey.

Actually, it was his choice to do it over night and naps, and he has done great!

I am glad Little Man is doing so well! :) I am sure it will be really NICE to know you are DONE with diapers!

Nicole said...

Happy BLOG-anniversary, I'm sooo happy that you started this blog and we became friends!! I don't know what I would do without all my friends in the computer!! lol

Also congrats on the potty training, that is the exact way that we potty trained. I never understood pull ups??