Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Idol Junky!

I have a confession to make. I am an American Idol Junky. I have been addicted since the first season when I fell in love with Kelly. Now I am 26 years old and I still call in my vote every Tuesday night. My husband laughs and thinks that I am being very teenager-ish. (funny word that is) I don't really care though because every Tuesday and Wednesday night I am glued to the tv and he is sitting there right next to me. He would never admit that he likes it though. It isn't manly enough for him I guess. He thinks it is funny to ask "How's your boy Chris? Still think he's hot?" Yes, yes I do. Well he sings great too! He had me from his first raspy note of that Rascal Flats song he sang at the audition. What a rocker!

After Mandisa got kicked off last week you really don't know what is going to happen now. I was shocked, she was one of the better ones. So all day tomorrow I will be sitting on pins and needles hoping that Chris didn't get voted off. Yes I am being teenager-ish, but you know, at least I am not watching Big Love.


EngineeringNerd said...

Holy Cow. I had no idea you were that lame!!!!!!!! ;)
Of course we don't need to mention how lame I am.....

Brian said...

down with Bucky!!!