Thursday, April 20, 2006

Results and Reaction

Ryan Seacrest is such a nerd. He will forever be known for "After the break." Last night this was my reaction....

Taylor you walked to the right side of the stage. You were right the first time!

Chris SO can not be in the bottom three!

Oh my gosh he is in the bottom two!


Good thing Ace is gone!

Take a deep breath.

Chris go back to your rock! It was working for you! No more almost heart attacks for me!

Maybe I should have called in my votes last night. The one night I didn't he is in the bottom two. See hubby, acting like a teenager and voting does pay off!


MommyOutOfControl said...

I know I couldn't believe it when Chris was in the bottom 2! What the heck? Is America going crazy? I AM thankful Ace is gone...something about him gives me the creeps.

Katkat said...

My mom and I call each other durning every break. My husband doesn't get it. He makes fun of us, probabbly cause she only lives a couple miles away and could wacth it here...but then we would wake up my son when anyone we like is in the bottom two. lol

trisha said...

Oh I know- I COULD not believe it when Chris was left standing in the bottom 2. And Ryan- what is up with him these days anyways? He and Simon really have it out for one another, huh? Or maybe In for one another. LOL :)

Glad to see Ace go to but I think that Kellie should have been in the bottom way before Chris.