Monday, April 24, 2006

The short version of my week.

It seems like it is really hard to post these days. I feel like since the weather is warmer now I have a million more things to add to my list of things to do. It is great though, exactly what I have been waiting for all winter long.

I am officially a soccer mom, minus the mini van. My little dude started soccer on Saturday. He has been waiting for weeks to play, so he was really excited that it was really here. His team lost, but he still had so much fun. He liked trying to tackle the kids that were in his way. I kept telling him that he has to go for the ball not the kids. I did have to laugh though when he took down the biggest kid on the other team. I asked him why he did that and he said because he couldn't see the ball. We need to work with him a little more on his sportsmanship. What do you expect from a team of a bunch of 3 year olds though? There were a few times that he came to the sidelines to ask me if he was being good playing soccer. I loved it! He can't wait to play again on Tuesday. Pictures will be coming, he looks so grown up in his jersey.

It has officially started. Wedding season. What a crazy season it will be too. We are very busy with photography. It is great though. I love the practice and I love doing them. Most of the time anyway. I had two photo shoots this weekend and another one tonight. I have a wedding almost every weekend for the next couple of months. It will keep me very busy.

On Saturday I shot the 50th anniversary party for my husbands grandparents. It was fun. I love to hear of people being married for so long. It will be neat to make it to my 50th anniversary. It was great to meet more of his family too. People that I haven't seen in years, people that I have never met before. There was a lot of hard work, and effort that went into that party and it was fun. The kids had a hard time not being able to play outside when it was so nice and warm, so that made it a little hard. They sure did sleep great that night though.

Another thing that happened this last week is that I started a job. Well kind of. It is for a huge children's clothing store, and I will only be working once a month. Just to help with floor sets and stuff. I am really only doing it to get the discount and to buy my kids cute clothes. It was really fun to start and I can't wait to keep doing it. It is a great outlet to relieve some builded stress. I got the kids some great summer clothes too.

This is my life, boring I know. But between being a stay at home mom with two kids, teaching guitar lessons 3 days a week, soccer 3 days a week, photography every weekend, cub scouts, and working my new job, I really have a lot going on. Life is busy, but I wouldn't ask for it any other way!


Katkat said...

Wow you are a supermom *images mgc flying with kids in one arm grocerys in the other and head butting a soccer ball* Thats great that you are working alittle too. It helps to get out of the house from time to time.

trisha said...

aawwee, he feels like a big boy now, playing soccer and all! he can still talk to mom on the sideline, thats ok! congrats on your new job!

My Kids Mom said...

It sounds like you're happy to be so busy. That's a very good thing. I'm proud of you and I'm not surprised because I know how hard you work both inside the home and outside. You are an inspiration. I adore you and love you and I'm glad you are doing the things that you love.

manababies said...

Doesn't seem very boring to me! :) And I agree with katkat... you're definitely a supermom.