Thursday, April 06, 2006

A day of sorts.

Have you ever had a morning where you just didn't want to get out of bed? You didn't get much sleep so you try so squeeze ever last minute in that nice warm comfy bed. You roll over to try to hid your eyes from the morning sun shinning in through the window, then you realize that there is puke in your bed. So you jump out of bed to start a day that will now have a wonderful trend. Welcome to my morning!

Instead of teaching ABC's or subtraction I got to teach my little dude how to puke in the toilet. I also get to explain why when you are sick and you start to yell and throw a fit that you sometimes mess your pants. I also get to comfort when there are all sorts of accidents in his bed during nap time (and by all sorts I mean ALL SORTS!) (yes that one too) instead of getting upset.

I feel really bad for him! I really do. It is hard to see him so sad, and so tired and so not climbing on everything. He couldn't pick a better day to be sick though. It snowed the entire day! Some parts of the valley got more than 6 inches of snow! WHAT THE FREEKING HECK! (I am so Utahn when I say that!) We are going to have more snow for Easter than we did for Christmas! Good thing I haven't planted my garden yet!


Katkat said...

Oh! No! Thats terrible!! Boy little guy. Send him a hug from me. It's no fun when your babies are sick.

trisha said...

poor little dude- hope he's felling better soon- It's the worst when it's throwing up sick then anything else, ya know?

Suzanne said...

I have those mornings almost every day!!!
I can't believe you guys have so much snow!