Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cougar? Really?

I was loading my kids in my car this morning and while I was putting the car seats in, some random car almost backed into my driveway and just sat there. I was letting my kids play in the driveway until I was done. The people just sat in the car and just stared at me until the kids were in the car. I was a little creeped out by it.

I got in the car drove to the end of the circle and there were TONS of cop cars at my friend NaTasha's house. When I pulled out of the neighborhood I realized there were cop cars at every entrance of the neighborhood too. I started to really worry about it. When I finally got ahold of NaTasha she told me there was a cougar in her back yard! That explains why those people thought I was crazy for letting my kids play outside. I had NO IDEA!

When I was able to go back home I noticed all these helicopters hovering over my neighborhood and cop cars and news cars all over. When I drove by her house again she was outside. I HAD to stop to find out what had happened. Apparently they shot it with a tranquilizing gun in her back yard and it jumped the fence to the yard behind her. They were able to catch it and it will be taken back to the mountains.

While standing there talking to her the news guys showed up. Here she is being interviewed in her work out clothes. (Don't worry Tash, you still look great!)

Photos courtesy of my other friend Becky. Thanks for sharing!

What an interesting morning! I am still a little worried to let the kids go out and play though. Just incase this cougar had a friend not too far behind.


Jennifer said...

How scary is that??? Wow! I'm glad that you all are safe. I can't believe it would go that far from the mountains.

suefoutz said...

why didn't the people in the car roll down their window and tell you to get your kids inside!! I am glad you are all safe.

kimelison said...

I saw that on the news! My first thought was young kids in that neighborhood! How scary! I would probably not let my kids go out for a while either!

Amber Ro said...

I know, isn't that CRAZY! That's just a few blocks from my house as well. I got like 3 phone calls from friends and family telling me to stay inside because there was a cougar on the loose. I was like, man, I'm not even in Provo. Isn't that where they cougs are supposed to be? :)
Glad you were all safe

arianne said...

WOW that is so scary!!!
Do you remember when there were buffalo on Mill Valley a few years ago????

where did the cougar come from?? I think I would be nervous letting my kids play outside for a while!!