Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cute Nieces

I am so excited to have my cute nieces over here to play today. They are such cute girls! And are getting so big! When they showed up this morning looking super cute as usual I grabbed my camera so I could capture all their cuteness! Well some of it anyway.

I love being an aunt!


Sister said...

Yeah, whose cute kids are those?

Amber Ro said...

They are cuties. Isn't it nice to live close to family? Are you still liking your job?

Glenn Amber Evans said...

Hey you!! You take really good pictures and capture the moments for sure. Would you ever want to take pictures of carter?
Hey i need your email address i had to change my permissions i was having people read it that didnt need to. if you could email it to me so i can add you that would be great.

Carolina said...

And I bet those nieces love having an aunt who can take such beautiful photographs of them.