Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mischief of One Kind and Another

This kid had quite the day yesterday exploring the world around him (aka getting into mischief). I had put him into my bathtub to contain him while I took a shower (I can't be the only person to do this so don't laugh, he can't get out!) While there he stood up and grabbed a bottle of bubble bath from the counter. It had never been opened but somehow he figured out how to open it. He dumped it all down the front of him. The entire bottle!

Then a few hours later I found him like this.

He had found his sister's chocolate treat and helped himself. He put the entire thing in is mouth wrapper and all. He wasn't too happy with me when I took it away. This picture doesn't do it justice though. I didn't take a picture of the floor and the toaster that he was playing with (yes, he got into the cupboard and was playing with the toaster too). Crazy kid was a mess yesterday!

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Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

so cute! gotta love a kid that appreciates chocolate.