Thursday, July 10, 2008

My whit's end.

I had to run to the store today. I needed shampoo and milk. I went through the shampoo isle and while trying to find the cheapest price my little princess got every color of the kids shampoo out and arranged them on the floor in a colorful rainbow.

I made her put all 10 bottles back.

I walked to the milk. She did follow, but I turned around and she was no where to be found. I went looking for her. She wasn't anywhere. I started looking up and down all the isles. It was reaching over 5 minutes and I still couldn't find her. I was panicking and yelling for her. I finally found her crying at the complete opposite end of the store. She was standing next to an old guy in a wheelchair with a cast on each foot. I went running to her and picked her up. I thanked the guy for helping her out.

I asked her where she had gone. Apparently she found some sparkly hair stuff and she wanted to look at them and got lost. It scared us both.

I am grateful that this happened though. I really love being a hands on teacher with my kids.

Last summer when little dude and his friends burned a straw broom on the neighbor's driveway, I took him by a house that had recently burned down. I told him that if he plays with fire, this is what could happen.

When Little Dude was having issues with respect and being mean we drew pictures of our monster's and buried them in the back yard.

I wish I could come up with a creative way to teach little Princess about lying. I am so sick and tired of it. It has been quite the day with her. She has been caught in a lie more than once today alone.

I had spent all afternoon making dinner for my neighbor and had my hubby and kids walk it over there. While walking there she took one of the bags and threw in on the ground and broke the dish and the dinner went spilling everywhere. She didn't want to carry it anymore.

What a long day! Does it make me a bad mom when I send her to bed early even though she was hungry? I needed her in bed. And in my book that is when you get when you lie about eating your dinner all gone, but you had really thrown it in the sink.


Ellen said...

I don't think that you are a bad mom. Sometimes the best things that we can do is to put them to bed so we don't want to hurt them because we are so mad.

As far as lying goes we have one at our house. I have told her that if she keeps lying one day when she is telling the truth no one will believe her because she has always lied. She is starting to get a little bit better about it. I don't know if it is because she has been baptized or not. All I know is that I have been at my wits end with her lying also. Maybe you can have a fhe lesson on lying.

Kim said...

Mama said there'd be days like this. I think you do what you have to do and hope she learns. Sorry to hear the day was so...FULL.

Suzanne said...

That is so scary! I'm glad all is well!!

I hope you have a good weekend!!

Becky said...

Yeah, I agree, if you dump your dinner in the sink and lie about it you go to bed hungry. I guess I'm a mean mom too. I've had days like that...and I've put myself to bed at 8:00 because I couldn't take it anymore. Want some chocolate chip cookies? I made a batch today...

Lisa B said...

I just want to say that throughout reading your posts, I think you are quite the opposite of a bad mom. I think you are inspired, and you follow your inspiration. That to me is the best mom you can possibly be.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

As far as a creative approach - you can help her draw a story book about a girl that lies (like the boy who cried wolf) and how it comes around to bite her... no pun intended.

Becky and Bryce said...

Something I heard at church one time helped me with helping Hai when she went through that stage (It really is a stage!!) But I would make her go in her room and say a prayer and tell heavenly father what she'd lied and ask him to forgive her. We talked about how it's a commandment to be honest and that it doesn't just make me sad but makes Heavenly Father sad too because she's not following him. She felt totally horrible about it (she likes to make Heavenly Father Happy). It worked really well and didn't last very long.

And you're not a bad Mom. You're awesome!!! You're kids are very lucky to have you!