Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who me?

I never get tagged to do anything. So when Sam of The Sams and Hollie tagged me the other day to play along here, I thought I better do it since I am sure it won't happen again (Hi Sam! Thanks!) So here it goes...

8 Things I Love/Am Passionate about:
My family
My religion
Exploring the world around me
Movies (Passion is such a strong word for this, but it still works)
My friends
Blogging (I am a dork, I know!)
8 Things I want o do before I die:
Be in the Temple with all of my kids
Go on a mission
Get out of debt
Travel all over the world
Meet the Prophet
Graduate from Collage
Have one of my pictures in a magazine
Take each of my kids on a Mommy date so I can share my love and a few thoughts with each of them.
8 Phrases or Words I say often:
Oh Crud!
You little turd!
Just keep your hands to yourself!
Turn around and eat your dinner/lunch.
Love you!
I really do appreciate it!
It will work out somehow.
In a second.
8 Books I have read and enjoyed: (this will be short, so I am going to add movies. I am no a big book reader.)
Book of Mormon
Harry Potter
Fancy Nancy
Taking a Trip on my Train
ok Movies-
All the Ocean's Movies
August Rush
Vantage Point
8 Things I have Learned or Remembered this Past year:
Time goes by too fast. My kids have grown so much this year.
You can sometimes be an example without saying anything at all.
No matter how hard things can get I will never be left alone.
There is a lesson to learn in EVERY trial.
There are ways to prepare even when you think you can't.
Nagging is not mothering.
Being patient is one of the most important traits a person can have.
There is nothing better than a hug and a kiss from your kids or your hubby.
8 People I want to tag.
Amy (Miss Smarty Pants)
Becky C.
Jen H.
Susan F.
Holly R.
Rob or Julie S.
Gena H.
Cari J.


Samantha said...

Yeah! We totally have so much in common, especially what we value in life & what we want to accomplish with it. Thanks for playing along! :O)

amy said...

so obviously I am the BIGGEST blogging dork ever! I don't even know what tagging is! Do I just answer the questions? Sorry, I'm kinda new!

Shannon said...

Amy you are too funny! Just answer the questions and tag 8 people to do the same! Have fun with it!

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

eek you had to go and tag me! Ok ok I'll work on it!

KaSeY said...

o my!!! i love the world of blogging! it is all too small ;) your kids...darling! how are you! what's new...lol besides the fact that you have 3 little people you are responsible for! where are you living? who's the hubby! i need all the details!

Jer, Er and kids said...

Shannon, Of course I remember you. It is such a small world! I am glad you left a comment because I don't know if I would have made the connections. Your family is darling! We have similar ages of kids and I also have two boys and one girl (who is the middle child). Can I add your blog to mine? I would love to keep in touch!