Saturday, July 26, 2008


All those that are tired of my complaining raise your hand. Yea me too.

I have a few new readers (Hi guys!) so I just have to get that last post off of the top.

Does anyone remember their first concert? I totally do. Before I reminisce, let me set up the scene for you. (I can just hear my brother laughing at me now.)

Who remembers Tiger Beat? You know the magazine for teens with pages and pages of pictures of cute teen stars and music artists? Well my sister and I had this thing. While I was getting pictures of Will Wheaton and tacking them nicely to my walls, my sweat sister next door (sorry Sis, but I am about to expose you to the world wide web, but I still love you!) would wall paper her walls and even onto her ceiling with Danny, Donnie, Joe, John and Jordan. It really didn't stop at the walls though. She had New Kids on the Block everything. Somewhat similar to my niece's obsession with everything Hannah Montana.

Probably worse though.

Ok totally worse.

It was catchy though. Soon my walls were being covered with Will AND Jordan and some of the rest of the group, but mostly just those two. I remember learning to do the dances and singing Hangin' Tough everywhere.

Then guess what? My parents got tickets to go to the concert! My sister and her friends, my dad and myself headed down to Provo for the big night. I still remember my New Kids tee shirt, my way crazy short hair and my stylish head gear complete with a neon orange band that went around my neck. (Can you all picture the awkwardness?) This my friends was my very first concert!

For years I have been ashamed to admit that I was ever a fan. Even up to a few weeks ago. THEN I heard their new song. I am no longer ashamed to admit it! This new song of theirs TOTALLY ROCKS! I love it! Go ahead! Listen! Then you can judge me and my awkwardness!

I am happy to announce though, since that day I have collected a shoe box FULL off concert tickets for bands that are WAY cooler than New Kids on the Block. Just one of the perks for working for a radio station all during high school. Does that help with points on he coolness scale?


Miss Ava said...

Hi! Just blog hopping. Glad to hear you are no longer ashamed to admit you're a Blockhead! Haha!! Can't wait to hear the next single! It's called "Single"!!

Anonymous said...

I am not ashamed of who I am, I will own up to my past. But that was 20 years ago (boy I must be getting old) and I have become a productive member of society since. However, I must admit my heart still skips a beat when I see them and my husband even woke me up to their single the other morning on purpose because he knew I would like it. (and yes my dear sister, I still love you!)

suefoutz said...

I don't know if you left me out of that story on purpose or if you totally forgot that my sister and I were there with you. Even though we were not as big a fans as you and yours I still remember how much FUN that night was. My husband has a field day when we all start talking about our first concerts.

Shannon said...

SUSAN! I TOTALLY FORGOT YOU WHERE THERE TOO! I honestly only remember parts of that night, like where we went for dinner, but when I was trying to remember who was all there with us, I couldn't remember! THANKS FOR THE REMINDER!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Wow. I was even less cool than that. So uncool I wasn't even a fan or really sure who they were until everyone else had a tshirt, poster, album, etc. Sigh....always the last to know!

Becky said...

I didn't get into NKOTB so much, but I did have a major crush on know, those blond guys with the fruity hair? I think I made my mom take me to their concerts three times in one summer. Wow, I'm a loser...

carla said...

I don't think there is anything uncool about being a NK fan. If you like something and it makes you happen, why be ashamed. Speaking of whcih, have you seen the NKOTB tribute group that is out there? I saw them on Facebook...they are called something like the Troy Kids on the Block. These are actual guys that seem like legit fans. Not bad dancers, either. The guy who is supposed to be Donnie has the part down pretty well.