Friday, September 05, 2008

Crazy Friday's

So having two kids in school at the same time in different schools has been a little more crazy than I thought. Especially on Fridays. Here is a little time frame of my Fridays.

7:15 am (Or later actually like most days) Wake up. I might get dressed, it really depends on how sleepy I am. I am not really a morning person.

7:40 Get kids up and try to get them ready with full tummys.

8:15 Pack up kids in the car and try to get Dude to school by 8:25.

8:30 Finish getting Princess and Little Man ready and maybe take a shower.

9:15 Pack kids in the car again and drive Princess to school. Since last year I was so bad about getting her to school ontime, we are really trying to make sure that we are better this year.

9:30 I am back home to put Little Man down for his morning nap and get a few things done. Not much though because........

10:10 It's time to wake up Little Man and pack him back in the car AGAIN to go get Dude. It's early day you know.

10:30 Heading home again just in time to go over homework, papers and Dude's day then.......

11:30 Pack the kids BACK in the car for another time and head to get Princess from school.

11:45 We are back in time to go over her day and get some lunch and other things done.

2:30 Take kids to sitter so I can work the rest of the day.

2:45 - 8:45 I work.......yuck. By the time that I am off the kids are ready for bed.

It has only been a few weeks of this but every day my hubby has been home to help me. Today he is helping a friend washing windows all day. I has been nice to have him home. What and I going to do when he finds a job????

It may not seem like much but I swear I have been packing the kids in and out of the car all day. Of course I haven't taken the kids to the sitter yet, or worked yet, but really what am I even going to get done in this short time? Lucky for me my awesome neighbor is watching the kids for me ALL night. (Love you Becky!) So I won't need to drive to her house.

I guess if I wanted to break the world record of most times to buckle 3 kids in the car in one day I could always pack them in, back down the street 2 houses them drive back.

I would think about that but it would cost my half my hourly pay in gas just to do that.


Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Hmmm all that buckling is something I hadn't considered about having more than one kid. Maybe one is enough. Haha. You're a tropper ... so is little man.

Kat said...

that is alot of work lol I made sure i put my son in afternoon school cause we don't wake up till 9am lol

stephanie said...

now we know why our moms used to say they were just a taxi cab! you are awesome to be handling all that! and your beans are amazing! i cant wait to garden next year either!!

The Q Family said...

Wow! That's a lot of buckling up, in and out of the car. Looks like your car wasn't even cool down yet for another trip. You are great!

-Amy @ The Q Family

Becky and Bryce said...

WOW!!!!!!! That is some serious craziness on Fridays!!! I totally hear ya though. I didn't have two in school at the same time last year but Kindergarten alone really is insane!!! 1st grades much better as far as driving and picking up goes. You have quit the day. I didn't know Hubby was out of work?!? YUCK!!! We've been through that before!!! If ya ever need to talk, I'm here for ya. Bryce lost his job the month before I was going to have Josh. Yah, we know all about crazy timing. It stinks!!!

Becky said...

I need to go take a nap now after reading your post. HA!! We have two kids in two schools this year too....BUT we have bus service!!! Which helps a little because my oldest just walks to the bus stop, except if it's raining then I make 2 morning trips to the bus stop and one afternoon stop-They come home together which is another bonus!

Kim said...

That is and intense schedule. I hate car seats. I would bawl.