Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Man for Hire.

Don't worry I am not REALLY pimping out my husband. Only SORT OF.

Actually as many of you know my hubby lost his job at the beginning of the summer. It has been a really hard few months. There have been times that I just wanted to pack up my stuff, move to a cave, and not return until everything was all better. But we have been really blessed and I can honestly say though, this is the best time of my life. It sucks to be poor and to be stressed about what is next, but it has been great to have him home. We have been enjoying spending tons of time together as a family. We have ALL been learning and growing in many ways. The fun has to come to an end though (ok sooner than later would be nice) so here is where I am (not) pimping out my husband.

FOR WORK THAT IS! I would hope that you wouldn't think that it was anything else!

Right now his only income is helping a friend of ours with his window cleaning business. He has been busy with cleaning the windows of many businesses and homes all across the valley. He is quick and the price is pretty reasonable.


If after a long summer of having sprinklers spray your windows with hard water, or the dirt has been caked on for years and you need someone to come and clean them for you while you sit and read your Twilight books again, just let us know!

OR if you own a business and want someone to come once (or more) a month so you don't have to worry about it anymore, just let us know!

Also if you live in Draper where that big fire was and the entire neighborhood has grime on their windows they can do that too!

Seriously people, this could help us all out! You get to see the world through cleaner windows at an awesome price, my hubby gets a little bit of an income (which would be extremely helpful) and our friend too would also be benefited. It's a win, win, win situation.

So really all begging aside, if you need your windows clean let Trev be your man.

More details to come soon.


Kat said...

Too bad I live in MD Id hire him in a second. Good luck. We have been there.

Rosie : ) said...

Good Luck on his Work situation. :)

stephanie said...

does he clean out the tracks??

Shannon said...

He does clean the tracks! He cleans the inside and outside! I am telling you, it is a great thing! I will post all the details soon!