Friday, September 12, 2008

Take a Hike IKE!

Remember my cute Sister in law and her awesome family from Texas? Well they are running from a little storm named Ike. They live in Bay City, a little Southwest of Galveston and only about 15 miles from Matagorda Beach. They got the notice to evacuate yesterday and were in a panic trying to find where to go. They found one of the last hotel rooms they could find and headed to San Antonio.

While watching the weather channel tonight my little dude got a little worried about Kaycie and Shannon and asked me if they were dying because of the hurricane. I explained that they were safe, but asked if he wanted me to call her. So midnight her time I called Kaycie so he could talk to her. It was a sweet moment and I am glad he was able to hear from her that she is ok.

While talking to her she had just happened to mention something that I think is just too funny to not blog about. Here is kind of what was said....

Kaycie- I talked to the Manager of my apartments and he said that it is getting really bad. I can't believe that I forgot all my family pictures, birth certificates, marriage licences everything like that. But we are safe and have a roof over our heads.

Me- Yea a roof that won't blow off too. That is always nice.

Kaycie- But I did grab my griddle and my crockpot.

Me- You grabbed your what?

Kaycie- My griddle and my crockpot.

Me- Are you meaning to tell me that when you where told to evacuate the city NOW the first things you thought to get where your GRIDDLE and your CROCKPOT? (I was laughing so hard. This is just something that I can't seem to get over!)

Kaycie- Well, Shannon's mom brought her deep fryer!

After she said that I was laughing so hard I was crying! Am I the only person in this world that thinks this is funny?

When life throws you a storm you can always make pancakes, chili, and fried chicken!

What would you take if you had to evacuate? Would you REALLY grab your pictures and stuff or would it really end up being something like a deep fryer?

LOL! I love it!


Becky and Bryce said...

Okay so I think that is hillareous too. It made me wonder what I really would grab. That's awesome!

Becky and Bryce said...

Okay so I think that is hillareous too. It made me wonder what I really would grab. That's awesome!

Aubrey Anne said...

ok, I would definitely run straight for my personal files. Cooking would be the LAST thing on my mind!!! haha! This is hilarious!

Kat said...

I glad your sil is okay! That is too funny! I have everything in a safe includeding a disc of my picture so I would grad my cat and some Milk Glass oh and the fish.

Glenn Amber Evans said...

Hey i Totally agree with you i would grab my personal belongings pictures and our small safe. Thats funny a slow cooker?? Who would have thougt!!!

stephanie said...

LOL!that is great that your sis is okay! and i am still laughing about what she took!!! i have no idea what i would take...

Kim said...

Man, my photographs all the way...crockpot...srsly? I would never...we got like 8 for our wedding. Glad your fam is okay too!