Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Harvest Happiness

I realized today that I have never mentioned how much my AWESOME Urban Farmer of a Husband likes gardening.
We have this GIGANTIC backyard where we have set aside a really big place for a garden. Since last year we tore out the entire yard and started all over with everything else but the garden area, it wasn't quite ready for anything to be planted in it this year. My hubby did, however, plant some things in the flower beds. He planted corn, green peppers, peas, cucumbers, green beans and pumpkins. All summer long he has been taking good care of them and it totally paid off! We have had a great harvest. The picture above is of just some of the hundreds of green beans that we got. Do you see how big it is? That is my hubby's hand (which is much bigger than mine) and the green bean is as long as his hand and his longest finger. This was quite possibly the biggest green bean I have ever seen!
Along with the 5 bags of greens beans in my freezer we have been able to preserve one large bag of corn, many many peas (the kids fave I think) enough green peppers for our family to enjoy all winter long (thanks grandma for telling me how to freeze those too!) and more cucumbers than I know what to do with. (It has actually become a tradition of sorts to sit down before bed and the family dips cucumber slices in ranch dressing as a snack before dinner.) I am very proud of my Urban Farmer! It makes me so excited to have a larger garden next year! (And hopefully be able to put his green house to use soon too!)
On top of all the we had in our garden we have had some nice family and friends share their abundance with us. We (and I use that term loosely) have been making peach and raspberry jelly for the last few days now, and we have many buckets of pears that are waiting to be canned. I can't forget to mention he annual Pick Grapes at Grandma and Grandpa's trip. We love making homemade grape juice!
We are very grateful to be able to grow some of the things that we need in our own yard, and to have others share with us! I personally am grateful for my hubby's green thumb and his love of canning!
Love you Hubbs!


Lisa B said...

I remember making and canning strawberry jam when I was little! What fun memories for you and your kids! If I ever have a garden, I will be sure to ask you for tips! :)

Jen said...

That is so awesome. You know I am jealous, with my 3 tomatoes and 4 pumpkins: the net total of my garden.

Aubrey said...

That is awesome. I love fresh food from your own hard work. You did great this year, ours has struggled a bit. So how do you freeze all that stuff?

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Way to go on the urban farming. now you just need some chickens... :-) Your kids would love it. I am jealous of your garden. Mine kind of floundered this year.

Kat said...

Your green beans look so yummy.I love fresh from the garden treats.