Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Christmas,

Just like your friend Thanksgiving, you too have come at an inopportune time. The only difference is that you seem to have this problem every year. Now if you would consider moving to February or so that would really work better for me. I have taken the liberty in making a list of reasons why it would be better to wait a few more months to celebrate you.

#1 It is right in the middle of tax season. I can see tax payers that are getting a refund feeling a little better about forking out half a month's salary for gifts that get put in a closet the day after opening.

#2 Switching places with Valentine's day could really work after an election. Heaven knows this country could use a little more love about now.

#3 Most people get a little tired of seeing snow after Christmas, but we still have 4 to 5 months left of it. Everyone wishes for a White Christmas, we can wish for it a few more months and no one will ever even notice.

#4 I might be going out on a limb here with this one, but doesn't the day Feb. 29th have a nice ring to it? It would give me a little more time to plan for Christmas if you only come around every 4 years.

So think about it. I think that it could really work.


Mommy Going Crazy


TravelMama said...

You're a genius!!

suefoutz said...

I am with you on that one!

amy said...

Put up your Christmas tree and Nativity... It'l make you feel better! I was DREADING Christmas and we put our decos up last night and just to see my little guy playing with the Nativity brought a whole new spirit to our house.It'll be okay! :)

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

I so agree with moving Christmas...but please don't stress about having to buy spendy gifts. We're going to spend about a quarter of what we spent last year and I think Robbie will actually enjoy it more this way. We're also foregoing any and all gifts between mom and dad and...well...everyone else is pretty much getting soap, lotions, scrubs, etc! My offer still stands if you want to come here and make Christmas gifts for ultra cheap.

Maureena said...

I totally agree with you. Let's have Christmas after the tax return comes!

Kim said...

VERY VERY funny. I love it.