Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday seems like it was forever ago. Today seems like it will never end. Right now I am more tired than I have been in a long time. Forgive me if I don't make sense with the rest of this post. Forgive me if I don't get into detail. When we get home tomorrow night or when things get settled down I can try to make more sense then.

These two days have been very busy. They have had us in classes for a lot of the day learning about Diabetes. We have been given so much information that I never thought I would need to know. Now with a quick change of events this is information that will help my daughter to survive.

She is doing great! She has charmed all the nurses here. Every time they see her they ask her why she is so cute. They all comment on how brave she is and how great she is being. I am so surprised by her strength. She has had her moments of weakness where she tells me she will hide her hands so she won't have to be poked again. But she gets through those moments and in the end is more brave before it started. We came up with a plan that has been helping her so much with every poke. Bribery. However our bribes have changed a bit. Bribing her with candy is not longer a great idea for her. So we have bribed her with pennies. For every poke she gets with a test or with her insulin she gets one penny. To put all this into perspective for everyone who hasn't seen her bruised and beat up tiny fingers, I owed her 26 cents before the night was done last night. Currently her count has doubled that. two days we have had to find places on her tiny, tiny fingers to poke her almost 50 times. Poor thing. Her favorite nurse Dan made her a penny jar out of a specimen cup that she proudly shows everyone. And even thanks from a great friend NaTasha who brought us several rolls of pennies they payments aren't even coming out of my pocket. This has been wonderful for her though, even if it is bribery.

We have had many visitors in the last few days that have brought her things to do and things to play with. She is having a ball! Some of her friends have shown up to play and this means the world to her. When she said to me the other day that she thinks no one will ever want to play with her now because she is different it broke my heart. To see that not only will they want to play with her but that they come all this way up here to be with her has really brightened her spirits. We have loved the company too especially when my parents brought the boys to see us. I have missed them so much! They have been pretty good for my mom and dad too in case anyone was wondering about them.

All of our training is over now. I am scared to come home and try it on our own. I feel we can do it...well.....we don't have a choice, but we have resources if we ever need them. She is needing to stay until tomorrow because they don't quite have her levels worked out yet. She still has very high moments and very low moments. We have been assured that we get to go home tomorrow night. Thank goodness it is after the showing of High School Musical 3 in the auditorium. She COULD NOT miss it!

I am off to do another poke before we head to bed. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! You internet friends (and real friends and family too) are awesome! Thank you!


Linda said...

I am so pleased to hear how your daughter is doing!!! She sounds like a trouper. I haven't had the blessing of meeting her but I feel I know her from your stories. =) I think her mom should get a penny (or even a dollar) for being brave every time she gets poked too. I am impressed by your strength. Keep up the good work and positive attitude!

Cassie said...

I'm so glad she's doing well. When they were getting ready to discharge Tim after his transplant I was SO nervous. All his new meds, diet, do's and don'ts... and he's an adult!!! I can't imagine having to do it for your child. You guys are going to do SO great. Before you know it, all the new stuff will become second nature. And don't be afraid to call the doctors with every little question. There's no such thing as "overreacting" or "nervous mommy" anymore. Good luck! It's SO good to hear she's doing so well.

Kat said...

Oh my goodness. Poor sweet baby! As a teacher I have known a few kids and parents going through what you are. And it is so very hard. Stay strong. You are an amazing mother and things will get easier in time. I'm going to the temple tonight, I will write her name and yours in the prayer box.You and your family are doing a wonderful job, many blessing will come your way. Your daughter sounds like the biggest blessing of all.

*Amy* said...

I'm so glad she is making progress. It's so hard to watch these little ones have to go through so much! Hang in there!

Jessup Jive said...

Hey, I wanted to come and visit you and Little Princess yesterday, but we ended up with Lainey there for herself. She broke her arm AGAIN!! Best wishes

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

You guys all seem to be doing great. It was good to see you today. Robbie was pretty happy about it and keeps talking about seeing "Broken". So funny.