Wednesday, November 05, 2008

White Trash Winter

Winter is here my friends. Crazy that last week it was beautiful 75 degree weather, but that is how we roll here in Utah. My kids where so excited! They wanted so badly to play in it. I warned them that they had outgrown their snow clothes, but that wasn't going to stop them.
Little Dude was sporting a nice pair of snow pants that are 3 sizes too small for him. He couldn't put them up over his shoulders and was complaining how short they were. Oh well, something is better than nothing! He got a little more lucky on he coat, that is only 1 size too small. He couldn't find matches for the gloves but at least he found two. He didn't even have boots on. Once his shoes were all wet he was still determined to play in the snow. What a trooper!

Little Princess was just a little miss-matched, but for the most part she didn't look too crazy. Other than her coat is 2 sizes too big. We were all surprised that she could get into the pants that are a size 2T. She couldn't put them over her shoulders either, but she wasn't going to complain. With an old pair of mom's gloves and a set of big brother's old boots she was set.

Here is my littlest girl.....isn't she cute. WAIT! I don't have 2 girls! With those HOT PINK pants, the hat with the big flower and the pink gloves you would never know this was my Little Man. Good thing a found an old jacket and old boy boots in storage or you would REALLY think it was a girl.

So outside playing in the snow was fun for all, but it ALWAYS ends in this.....

To his credit though, his big brother had just thrown a big snowball in his face. I don't blame him for crying!
Oh well, I got proof that they did have fun....SEE!


Holly | Reed Photographic said...

it snowed? what? when? I missed that completely out here in the "banana belt"

Becky said...

I'm laughing because I tried to get a picture of my 3 in the leaves today....and my Little Dude looked much like your Little Man!!! HA!!!! Glad it's not just us!!! OH! And I have a HUGE FAVOR!!!!! Keep the snow out there for awhile longer PLLLLEASSSSSE!!!!!!!!! I'm not ready yet!!!!! Thank you!!! :)

*Amy* said...

They are so cute. My kids were the same way yesterday, and little Kylee ended up in tears from big brother throwing a snowball in her face. I bet it's tough to be the little one!

Robin and Stephenie said...

Wow it snowed quite a bit is it still there? What is better then a white trash winter really. I remember playing in the snow when I was younger looking alot like your kids did.