Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Diabetes...you stink!

****Warning: If you are tired of hearing about diabetes or if you get bored with all the diabetes jargon then just skip over this post. I will have something more interesting for you tomorrow.

I am frustrated with diabetes.

When am I not? (I knew that was what you were thinking!) The Princess has been running really high for the last 2 days. She doesn't have any signs of being sick or stressed or anything else that factors into being high. I am pretty sure that there needs to be a dose change to her carb ratio again. Right now it is 1/4 unit : 8 carbs. I am thinking it needs to be somewhere around 1/4:6 or maybe even 5 carbs. How knows. But what I DO know is that it is annoying!

She starts swimming lessons tonight. This will be interesting to see what happens. I set it up to be right after dinner so she will have less chances of having issues. We will see how it goes though. This is the first "sport" she has been into since she was diagnosed. Hopefully she won't focus on her diabetes and just fun. She can leave the stressing up to me.

Bed time is an issue again with her numbers. I don't really know what to do. If she is low before bed and I give her 15 carbs to bring her up she ends up being WAY too high by 2 or so. Then if left alone it is still high when she wakes up. If corrected she goes way low again. I have tired a few things. First, giving her less carbs. She still goes high. Second, leave it alone. Guess what happens when I leave it alone? She STILL goes high. What is the deal here? Is it the meal dose that is doing this to her? Oh the guessing game. Too bad I feel like I can't win here.

Her monthly appointment is next week. This will be very interesting. We are making a family trip to the doctor with her to have the boys tested for a study her doctor is doing. They will be tested to see what their chances of getting diabetes is. I have been worried about my little man at times to see if he is showing signs. The highest reading we have gotten with him is in the 170's. It will be good to know what the test shows.

Diabetes why can't I figure you out?


Tristan said...

I hear ya! Diabetes is such a strange illness, disease, condition, whatever you want to call it. There are so many variables and some days nothing makes sense while other days turn out perfectly.

I see my endocrinologist tomorrow. I have had readings in the high 400's in between continuous glucose monitor trials. But yesterday and today my blood sugars have been on the low side of perfect. Right now I throw my hands up and say Whatever!

I'm sorry you have to worry about all this diabetes craziness and I'm sorry your sweet little princess has to have it for the rest of her life unless they come up with a cure! Hopefully the swimming class will be a welcome break and you will all feel normal for a little while.

Ellen said...

I am sorry to hear about your little one's count. It would have to be quite frustrating to try to figure every thing out.

I would like to meet with you sometime and have my kids tested. Diabetes runs in Anthony's family.

Good luck with everything.

Aubrey Anne said...

Wow, I have NO idea how you do what you do, Shannon! You work so hard!! I'm sorry about all this, you must be exhausted. :(