Friday, May 01, 2009

Tis the Season for Baseball

A few years ago my dude was playing around with a baseball and a bat in my sister's back yard. He would hit the ball almost every time it was pitched to him. For lack of better words I was blown away.

He has been wanting to give it a try so we got him on a team this year. He has games once a week and from what I can tell he really enjoys it! His very first practice he was sliding into bases, catching the ball and throwing it to where it needs to go. And once up to bat he does a great job!

These are pictures from his game last week. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming to cheer him on! Sorry all the pictures have the chain link in them. I was being a good mommy and not crowding the field. (aka hovering over my boy)

We have really been enjoying all this. It is so rewarding for him to find something that he likes and something that he is really good at. Plus it is super cute to see all the kids pile on top of the ball, and running the bases! Gotta love little kid sports!


RaCeNMoMmY said...

so cute. i love it when kids fing their talents & feel good about something they did. i love that pic of him with his big smile, sitting on the bench.

Penny said...

Go Cubbies!!!!! They are my favorite team.

TravelMama said...

I LOVE the 1st pic with his face blocked by the fence. Classic and adorable!