Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Micro Blogging

Is for those that are lazy.

Like me lately.

So this is how is it going to be today. A bullet point blog post. If you want me to elaborate let me know.

- Mission Organization should have been picked on a better week.

- Hubby took a quick trip to Houston.

- My niece caught her hair on fire while blowing out her birthday candles.

- I had a geyser in my kitchen today. Flooded my entire kitchen and basement.

- Stayed up until 2 last night visiting with a friend.

- Little man smeared poop all over everything.

- My chickens are on the "boiled water" list for eating the starts in the garden again.

- Went to see Star Trek and 17 Again. LOVED LOVED LOVED Star Trek!

- Went to another Endocrinology appointment. A1c is 7.3!

- Found out the effects of Sudafed is not what I expected.

- The preschool videos that I have been working on are all done.

- Decided to start p90x with my hubby on Monday.

and decided that I am going to move to Texas to live in a plantation house and run a bed and breakfast.

One of these isn't true. I'll leave it up to you to decided which one.


Tristan said...

Great list. I caught my hair on fire blowing out my candles for my 7th birthday. Congratulations on the 7.3 A1C! That must feel really good.

Becky said...

I caught my hair on fire during Christmas Eve candle light service a couple of years ago....i laughed at myself because everyone else was too busy being reflective of the season and singing silent night. even if you picked a bad week for project mission, the good news is there's always next week!!! :)

RaCeNMoMmY said...

Okay so are you doing the p90x? I really want to. Let me know how it goes...My organization hasn't been going so well either. I swear it's just not as easy as it used to be. Nothing is. What is the difference from 2 kids to 3, really?!!

Amy said...

7.3!!!! Good Job Mom! What a list!! :)

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Sounds like a busy week! When can I come visit on the plantation?

Aubrey Anne said...

What is 7.3 A1c?

I'm a huge fan of P90X, you're gonna hate it... AND LOVE IT!!!

:) Tracie said...

I HATED the P90X!!! Did two weeks when I was sick and just quit. But I did lose just a little bit. Been mulling over starting the bonus ab video or not. Thinking not, but the belly says otherwise.

7.3 is great! Great job mama!

Kim said...

Would be bomb to run an B&B. Glad to hear you liked Star Trek...we're headed there sometime this week.