Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roasted Starburst Treats

This is a treat that I don't take credit for. It was shown to us by my cousin a few years ago. There has been some fine tuning over the years to make it even better. It sounds strange but I tell you it is pretty dang tasty!

So back to our ingredients again. All you are going to need is the Nilla Wafers and Starburst candy. That is it.

Step 1- Unwrap and two flavors of Starburst candies. My hubby happens to like the yellow and orange ones. You are going to stick them on the end of the roasting sticks like so... We like the smaller sticks because they stick on there really easy.
Step 2- Roast the Starburst just until they get bubbly. They cook fast so pay attention. We have lost more Starbursts in the fire than I would like to admit.

Step 3- Put the roasted Starbursts in the Nilla Wafers to make a sandwich.

Now you could stop there and enjoy the crunchy cookie with the soft candy inside. This alone is really good, but if you want a softer cookie go on to the next step.
Step 4- Take the entire cookie and balance it on the stick, or stick it back on the end of the stick to put it back into the fire. Roast it for just a few seconds on each side. This makes the cookie really soft. Be careful not to burn it though. That isn't so good.

Now I know that everyone is going to have a bag of Starburst at their next camp out! This usually ends up being a favorite for everyone!


Billie and Brian Taggart said...

Those look delicious! Something we like to do is use Rolo candies! Yummy caramel goodness!

Shannon said...

Oh Billie, it IS so awesome with the Rolos too! We are having another bon fire tonight(second one this week). I was planning on taking pictures of that treat next! Looks like two great minds think alike!

T said...

I seriously like the Nilla wafer idea and that's coming from a girl who loves graham crackers! =) Thanks for the idea!

Holly said...

I must try this in our little bonfire pit.