Tuesday, March 07, 2006

10 Reasons why Mommy isnt going crazy!

#10 It is no longer Monday.

#9 I got to talk to a friend that is about to have a baby on Friday.

#8 I woke up to a mostly clean house.

#7 I get to go to a birthday party for a friend tonight.

#6 I got to take a nap with the kids.

#5 I saw an old friend at the store today.

#4 My valenties flowers were replace with beautiful new ones.

#3 I got the new Harry Potter movie.

#2 Daddy didn't have to be to work until late this morning.

#1 My little dude looked me right into my eyes and said "Mommy, I can see me in your eyes."


Emily said...

What a heartwarming post. I hope I have that kind of a day tomorrow. that is so precious what your son said to you. I love it when kids say things like that~it just reminds you of how special you are to them!

Becca said...

Happy good day~! I'm glad you're not going crazy today. Thanks for making my day so much better :D

manababies said...

Sounds like the recipe for a good day indeed. I hope your Wednesday was just as good :)