Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We all get to fight giants!

I bought this hilarious new movie for my kids. Junior's Giants It is about a kid named Junior that has a problem with his temper. It starts off with Junior sitting in a church class learning about the story of David and Goliath. The teacher tells the story then says:

"Every one of us will have a chance to fight our own giants."

Junior raises his hand and asks "Will I get to fight a giant?"

The teacher says "Well metaphorically, yea."

Junior raises his hand again and asks "What's a metaphore?"

The teacher axplains it to him. Then obviously confused Junior says "So to be clear, do I get to fight any giants yes or no?"

The teacher says "Umm, Yea!"

Junior's reply "THAT IS SO AWESOME!"

This is so funny to me because Junior just doesn't get it. In the movie every time he looses his temper he has to go fight a little, Scottish giant named "Tude". (Yes he is little and Scottish) He getts bigger and harder to fight as Junior's temper gets more out of control. This really is a funny movie, but it has been really good for my kids, and for me. It has made me think a little about the giants that I have fought in the past and the best way to overcome them.

I feel that I have fought many giants, and I feel that there are more to come. That is all about learning and growing and living life. I have even been fighting my own "Giant, Tude" lately. (I am not so sure that mine is Scottish though) I think this story is great because it shows that sometimes our giants really do start out small, but we are making them bigger with how we react to them. They are easier to fight when they are small, but we don't realize then that it is even a fight. If we try to fight them when they are big, at that point it is overwhelming and seems impossible to fight.

What is the solution then? Well, for Junior his friend gave him some great advice. He said "Live and Let God." Junior didn't know how to do that so he asked his mom. She told him that he needs to start by praying. She also told him a scripture that is in the Bible "The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,and self control. If we live in the spirt, let us also walk in the spirit." So here is my advice to myself and to anyone else that may be having this same problem. Anytime that I hand my problems over to God it always seems better. I want to try to live and walk in the spirit. All of these things will help me be a better person. It will help me with anger, confusion, jealousy, bitterness, loneliness, sadness, anything that may be troublesome. This scripture, I feel, is the outline for a happy, healthy, peaceful life. Let us all "Live and Let God"!

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