Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh here I am!

This week has been pretty crazy. My internet has been down all week so I have been going nuts! So today's post is going to be about all the things that I wanted to post about all week. Some parts are kinda funny, some are only funny to those that weren't involved, and some parts are just kinda sad. So here we go. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago I caught my little princess in my lipstick. She used the entire tube by trying to put it on. She has done things like this all week. I bought all brand new makeup on Friday and Monday morning she got into it and used everything that I bought on herself and for some reason the carpet. It isn't all gone, but I was still pretty mad. Then yesterday while I was in the shower she got the fingernail polish out and painted her entire body. She has been really keeping me busy! It is hard to be mad though, because she just wants to be pretty and wear make up. Check out this picture that I took of her with the lipstick. What do you think the look in her eyes mean?

So we move onto my Wild Indian. He is being just exactly that! WILD! WILD! WILD! I just don't know what to do with him when he is that wild. We are working on it though, and it is getting warmer outside. So maybe we are getting closer to a solution. We shall see.

Every spring time my husband gets really excited to start on all his yard projects. Well, this year he has a little help from a friend that owns a landscaping business. (and has a bobcat) Last Saturday his friend came over and they came up with this idea to make the pond in our back yard bigger. They got all excited and decided that they were going to start on it that day. I have always loved that my husband was spontaneous, but I must say that this was a little ridiculous. First of all the snow had just barely melted. Second, there was no more than 10 minutes of planning beforehand. Third, I am still not sure why they decided to use the bobcat to dig it up. They weren't supposed to be digging very much. So with the result of #1 and #2 they got the bobcat stuck in the back yard. The ground was way too soft still and it got VERY stuck. It was quite the site so of course I had to take pictures. Check out the slideshow. I guess we can still say that boys like to play in the mud!

View Stuck Bobcat Slideshow.

So with all that was going on this week I was still really grumpy. Yesterday my little dude slammed my little princess' hand in the front door. I had to take her to the doctor becuase I wanted to make sure that she didn't break a bone. She was in so much pain. It made me cry to see her so sad and so hurt. Her thumb nail is very black and she cries every time anything brushes up against it. But just before I was getting ready to leave some dropped off a beautiful basket of cookies and stuff inside. I don't know who it is from, but it had a card on it that said "Have a nice day" Once again I cried. It was so nice to know what someone was inspired to do this for our family becuase we have all been a little grumpy. If the person that sent it is reading this please know that it was such a lovely thought, and we enjoyed it very much! It brought such a wonderful spirit into our home. Thank you!

Well I think that is it for now. I always feel better after talking about the things that are on my mind. Thank you internet for letting me share a bit of my craziness.


EngineeringNerd said...

I'm really sorry to hear that it was such a hard week for everybody. But as you said, people outside the situation can't help but think that it is totally funny. Except for the part where the kids were hurt of course. But the whole bit about the bobcat getting stuck has to be the funiest thing I have ever seen. LOL!!!!

trisha said...

sorry to hear you had s tough week-may'be the weekend will bring you better luck! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will bookmark you!

the lipstick looks lovely on her- definetly her color!!!

Muncey said...

You should have left the Bobcat stuck in the backyard and run a garden hose out the top. You could then attach a spray nozzle and have it spray into the air.

You would have had the most unique (and expensive) fountain in the neighborhood.

Suzanne said...

love the lipstick, she looks great!
I hope your weekend is better than you week was!