Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Man's Elmo Birthday Cake - only a month and half late.

Today is the day to get caught up on my blogging. Well some of it anyway.

March 28th was Little Man's 1st Birthday. At the last minute I decided to make him an Elmo cake. This was the first time I had actually made a cake that had a jelly layer in between the cake layers, and I must have put too much on. The entire thing was leaning to one side. It was still good though. Oh and can everyone just pretend that the cake didn't fall apart on one side. Ok? Thanks!

We usually have lots of family come over and party with us so most of the time one cake is not enough. So I bought some little bath toys to put on the top of the cake. I didn't know how else to make it look like a swimming pool so just pretend with me again that they look like they are playing in the pool.
These cakes may have their imperfections, but Little Man like it. I think he ate HALF of the Elmo cake all by himself.

That is what counts anyway!

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Jen said...

Cute!! You are the cake master. Elmo looks awesome!