Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Prize - Enter Now!

I found the perfect prize for my little contest. I wanted to give away something from JetBlue to share my excitement with my new job and how awesome this company is! Really! They are so cool! I will get into that in a minute, but for now check out this way cute travel bag! I looked at shirts and stuff, but really I thought this was WAY cuter than a shirt! Don't you agree?
So, HONEST contestants, I will give the deadline of Friday at 2400 hours (HA!HA!HA! That is midnight for all you people that don't know.) So if you want to enter I must have an email sent to or a comment with the answers. If more than 1 person get them all right I will have my kids pick a name out of a hat. (Sorry, I have to be fair!) I will announce the winner on Saturday sometime between my wedding that I am shooting. (so be patient)
So now on to why JetBlue is super cool!
-Customer Service
-Lots and Lots of legroom
-Low fares
-You can get as many snacks as you want.
-Awesome destinations
-That I get to work from home soon.
-I have never been better trained for any other job before.
-They TRULY care about their customers.
-Did I mention the low fares and the snacks? Oh, well it is worth another mention.
Have fun my fellow friends! But one more thing. I need you to repeat after me...
I (insert first name here) am an honest person.
I do not cheat.
I do not lie.
I will enter Mommy Going Crazy's silly little contest with a clear conscience.
I will have fun too, because this is what it is all about.


Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

ooh super cute bag!

Jen said...

Well, this is getting serious...Too bad I have no clue on the airports. But I will try!!

Kim said...

SO fun...congrats on the job. I've heard a lot of people LOVE it!

TravelMama said...

Question: Are these airports that Jet Blue flies to, or all airports?

Laurie said..., I've never found a fellow blogger who works for JetBlue too! Are you in training now? I've worked there 2 years. Still lovin it. :)