Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Winner!

So the answers to the airport codes are as follows:

1- SXM- St. Maarten

2- MSY - New Orleans, Louisiana

3- AUA - Aruba

4- POP - Puerto Plata, Dominican Rep.

5- IAD - Washington D.C. Dulles

6- FLL- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7- LAS- Las Vegas, Nevada

8- SEA- Seattle, Washington

9- LGA- LaGuardia, New York

10 TPA- Tampa, Florida

11- SMF- Sacramento, California

12- CLT- Charlotte, North Carolina

Awesome job my friends! I wish I could give you all a cute bag for being honest, and for giving it a good try! I can't though, sorry.

But I do have a winner! Holly, Great job on getting 11 of them right! You ALMOST got Puerto Plata, but since you never said it, I can't actually give it to you. But 11 is still really good! The bag is ordered and on it's way! As soon as I see you next (Saturday right?) I will hand it over! Congrats!

Thank you everyone for playing! I had fun! Maybe we should do this once a month!

Also, in case anyone cares, I took one of my 4 tests at work last night and I got 100% on all 3 sections! Now I only have to worry about 3 more tests. Such stress!


Jen said...

Congrats on acing your tests!! Yes, please do more contests, preferably with questions that I actually know something about!!

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

OOh I won? Well I have the perfect prize you can give away for your next contest.