Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unexpected Showers on a Wednesday Morning.

No I am not talking about the weather.

Let me explain. I sat down a bit ago to look through some of my favorite blogs. While clicking down through my Google Reader I noticed a post from one of my very favorite photographers Jessica Claire. She really is very talented! This latest post about a beautiful family that has been faced with SO many medical challenges and facing all odds with having a new little baby really touched me.

I did as Jessica suggested and read the info on the family before I looked at the slide show of the photo shot she did for them. Once I clicked on the slide show I totally started to cry. I have been so touched this morning. I don't know why other than you can just see the love for each other and the blessings that this family has received! Go check it out!

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Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

why are you always pointing me to those tear jerking photo sites. Sheesh! No, seriously - that was a really good one. Love Jessica Claire. Did you know she's now a contributor on Pioneer Woman? It's like your two favorite blogs just married.