Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Fun Contest - NO CHEATING!

Working + Being a Mom= No time for blogging just right now.

I will get to it when I can, but every spare minute of mine is spent learning the 3 digit Airport Codes. So I am going to have a little test/contest. See how many airport codes you can get right WITHOUT using the Internet! I will give you the code, you tell me what airport it is or what city it is in. Got it? Ok here is goes!

#1 SXM
#2 MSY
#3 AUA
#4 POP
#5 IAD
#6 FLL
#7 LAS
#8 SEA
#9 LGA
#10 TPA
#11 SMF
#12 CLT

Got them? Leave you answers in the comments or send me and email. I will post the answers and maybe JUST maybe whoever get the most correct WITHOUT looking them up on the Internet might get a prize. MAYBE.

Have fun!


Suzanne said...

I was good until you said WITHOUT looking them up!!

TravelMama said...

Ooohhh, you chose the RIGHT challenge for a Certified Travel Counselor!! I positively know 8 of the 12. I'd have to guess on the other 4. But I don't want to post them before other people have a chance to guess.

janet said...

These are total guesses... so if copy my answers at your own risk.. the only thing I DO know is where Jet Blue flies... it's not everywhere, yet.

#1 SXM- somewhere in the carribean.
#2 MSY- New orleans.. I've been here before!
#3 AUA- I want to say Australia, but I am sure it's wrong.
#4 POP- Philly
#5 IAD- Iowa
#6 FLL- Fort Lauderdale
#7 LAS- Las Vegas
#8 SEA- Seattle
#9 LGA- New Jersey
#10 TPA- Tampa ?
#11 SMF- San Fransisco
#12 CLT- Cleveland

these were hard!! Fun contest!

Becky and Bryce said...

So confusing, I dont' use that part of my brain anymore!!! I didn't know you got a job. How long do you have to work before you can work from home?

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

SXM - St Martin - or somewhere carribean?
MSY - N.O. Louisiana
AUA - Aruba
POP - somewhere in south america?
IAD - Dulles/DC
FLL - Fort Lauderdale
LAS - Vegas, Baby!
SEA - Seattle/Tacoma
LGA - going to guess La Guardia (just booked Amsterdam (AMS) tickets and that was one of the layovers)
TPA - Tampa - been there
SMF - Sacramento (been there too unfortunately)
CLT - not sure...Charlotte? Connecticut? I can't explain the L if it is Connecticut.
One more bonus - portland is PDX and Eugene is EUG - the two most frequent places I fly.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

for POP i want to ammend my answer...Portugal? all I can think is "puerto.....something...insert spanish or brazillian country...portugal...puerto rico" something like that.