Saturday, April 26, 2008

T-minus 6 months

I have always been one to count down to everything!

When I was a kid it was my birthday, Christmas, the last day of school and even vacations.

When my brother was in collage my sister and I made him a chain that counted down from his graduation. The funny thing is that he had more than 3 months left and the chain went around his entire room.

I remember when I had something like 120 something days until my wedding day.

My sister and I got married 71 days apart.

The list really can go on, but then I will get an email from my brother saying I just might be OCD like him.

Well every year I get a phone call on April 26th that goes a little something like this:

"Hey Sis, Happy Half Birthday! Only 6 more months!"

I love it! I get a great laugh every year when my sister calls me to remind me that I can officially start counting down!

Every year it gets a little less exciting though (by only a little) because today when I got the call it was "You will be 30 in a year and a half."

Great! Well, all I can say to that is this:

"I will always be 5 years younger than you!"


Muncey said...

You're only OCD if you count everything.

HeatherM said...

Good luck with your new job. I would be nervous too. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 11 years! I have been thinking about getting a little part time job but I must admit that it kind of freaks me out. You have the right attitude. If it's meant to be it will all work out.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

that's exactly what I tell Toby