Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Life as I know it will be changing soon. No it isn't another baby! (Thank Heavens!) No we aren't moving or anything of the sort. I am actually starting my job at JetBlue Airlines on Thursday. I got the job months ago so you would think that I would be totally prepared for it. I'm not. I am dreading it a little, and I am nervous.

I don't doubt that it would be fun and that it will be really good for us. (Especially the free flights) But I haven't had to work like this in 3 1/2 years. I will be working nights too and that is always hard for me. I keep telling myself that if I can just make it through the 7 weeks of training then it will be ok. Then I will be able to work from home. I also keep telling myself that if it is meant to be it will all work out.

I have hired a girl from my neighborhood to watch the kids while I am gone and before my hubby gets home. (We will call her K.) While I totally trust K and I know that she will be great with my kids, I am a little worried about it still. I hope that one day she doesn't cry that my kids are bad and that she doesn't want to do it anymore. Again, if it is meant to be it will work out right.


Life is also very lovely lately. Here is a list of the reasons why.

~ Every day my Little Princess brings me a Dandelion (or more). Today's count is up to 3 and I just LOVE them. They really do brighten my day. WAIT...she just brought me more. Total count is A WHOPPING 15! Goodness! What makes me so happy about it is the thought behind it! She is so happy to give them to me. Every time she says "I am doing a service for you Mom." I love that she gets the idea of doing service to make herself happy, and others too.

~ Remember how I mentioned that our car has been broken down forever? And also that we found out that the engine died? Well, we got a new car. We got a Chrysler 300. It is a really nice car. And it has a warranty that will last us forever (we hope). The windows are being tinted tomorrow so when we get it back I plan on taking pictures and posting them here. It is SUPER cool!

~ The Little Man has learned how to say "tickle, tickle." I really need to record it because it is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time!

~ The weather is getting nicer and even though I don't know that it will stick around, I am taking what I can get. I had the privilege to spend the morning outside with my friend Julie. She and her kids came over for a play date today and I loved visiting with her, holding her new little baby, and watching her silly boy explore my backyard!

~ At the moment my house isn't all that messy and that makes life much easier!

~ I had two awesome photo sessions this last week. I feel like I have come a long way in some of my photography and I was just so happy to play around with some things that I had been wanting to do.

Life is also really busy!

I have SO many posts that I have been wanting to do. One day I will just take a day and post massive amounts of pictures and stuff so I can get caught up.
I need to post:

- Little Man's 1st Birthday (Yea I know it was a month ago)
- Roxy the kitty's favorite thing to play with. (This really is super funny!)
- The many looks of a fashion forward daughter. (You just wait and see.)
- Houston day 2
- Day 3
- And Day 4

But there are so many things getting in the way. Like getting my house in working order again. Pictures, Young Women's callings, a sick baby, being REALLY REALLY tired, and planning a birthday party for my little Princess.

So there you have it. My life this week.


Jen said...

Those pictures of Hannah and Amy look awesome!! I can't wait to have my photo shoot...after you are done training, though.

suefoutz said...

I love reading your thoughts your blog always makes me smile. Hey if your neighbor needs a break and it is not a Wed. night give me a call. Wed. nights are out because I just got a new calling I am in Young Womens now!! Whee!!