Monday, April 07, 2008

My heart still skips a beat when I think about it.

Yesterday my little man fell down the stairs in his walker.

The gate is ALWAYS up!

Except that one time.

I can't even tell you how sick I am about it. We think he is ok. We aren't totally sure yet. He does seem like something hurts when you pick him up or when you move him, and his personality just isn't as happy and playful as it usually is. We are lucky to have a nurse in the family, and to have a nurse that lives a few houses away and they both kind of looked him over yesterday, so I am sure that he will be fine. I will be watching him throughout the day and see how things go.

I am so sick about it! How could I have not seen that the gate was down? Every time I close my eyes I see him flipping down all 13 stairs.


Suzanne said...

ouch. Shannon, don't kick yourself. Theese things happen. When Jax was about 3 months old we were on a boat and I had set him on the seat for just a second to put a shirt on. He fell off onto the hard floor of the boat. I panicked. I felt guilty. But he was ok. I know how you feel, I'll pray for peace for you & for him to be ok!

HeatherM said...

That is so scary! I am glad that your little one is alright. You have darling kids.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness. Accidents happen to everyone. I think we all feel this way when our babies get hurt, generally things are not prevented. I will pray for your little man. Hang in there.

Becky and Bryce said...

Yuck, things like that have a way of haunting you!!! Poor little guy hope he continues to do well.