Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Story of the Big Ugly Monsters

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Dude. Dude and his mommy were ridding home from taking his sister to school one morning when he asked his mom if he could go play with his friend when they got home. His mommy told him the he needed to clean his room first. Little Dude didn't like that idea at all so he thought he would throw a fit!

He started by pouting and a little talking back. Then there was the guilt trip that went something like "Well, I won't ever get out of the car if you make me clean my room!" Mommy wasn't going to stand for it so she just kindly said "ok, you can stay here." Once in the house Mommy heard Dude honking the horn. "Two can play this game" thought Mommy, thinking this would make Dude laugh. So Mommy took the keyless entry and pressed the panic button setting the horn honking loud and lots. While trying to get it off mommy accidentally kept pushing the lock and unlock button several times. Little did Mommy know Dude was trying to get out while the door was locking and unlocking. He finally gets out and comes stomping into the house.

When in the house Mommy noticed something had changed about little Dude. He had let out his Big, Ugly Monster, complete with horns and everything. The Ugly Monster yelled for the neighborhood to hear "YOU ARE THE MEANEST MOMMY EVER!" Then Dude the Monster punched Mommy in the tummy and stormed off to his room. A few steps before his room he felt me needed to make sure that Mommy heard "YOU ARE SO MEAN!"

Without getting angry Mommy went and picked up the monster and made him sit on her lap until he knew how much mommy loved him. He head butted, kicked, yelled, and hit for quite awhile, until the horns slowly started to go away. The entire time mommy tried to talk quietly in his ear that this fit isn't going to solve the problem.

Once he had calmed down, Mommy tried to teach that Heavenly Father put him in his family because he knew how happy he would be here and how loved he would be. They talked about how everyone has a mean and ugly monster but we need to try not to let it out. Mommy even said sorry for upsetting little Dude.

Then the idea came. Mommy and Dude sat down with a crayon and put a face to the big, ugly monsters that made them mean. Little Dude drew his.

Mommy drew her monster.Then they grabbed a shovel and found a good spot in the back yard and started to dig a hole to bury the big, ugly monsters.
They had to make sure the hole was deep so the monsters would never try to come back again!
So Dude dug, and he dug until it was just right.
Then Mommy handed dude his monster and said "These monsters needs to never come out of this hole. We need to try to always be kind and not loose our temper. If we ever see that they are trying to come out we need to stomp more dirt on them so they can't come and be mean anymore."
So Little Dude and his Mommy folded up the monsters really small.
Placed them in the hole,
and put lots and lots of dirt on them so they would never come out again!
Here lies Little Dude's Big, Ugly Monster and Mommy's Big Ugly Monster. Rest In Peace!

* Sorry for the jammies. We hadn't even had a chance to get dressed before the monster showed up.


Jennifer said...

So cute!! I was laughing at first, but that's a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

Lace said...

That is a very clever idea! I love that you find a positive way off dealing with the MONSTER.

Cassie said...

That's the best story ever! Way to be creative woman. Get rid of those monsters!

Jessup Jive said...

I think you were truly inspired! Lainey is frequently having moments like these lately, I only hope I can handle the next one the way you did.

Kim said...

Very clever. I'll have to remember this one! ;)

FitGeGe said...

You are SO CUTE! What a great idea, and what a great mommy Little Dude has. :o)

The Sweet Life said...

what a great idea. You are a fantastic you teach classes :) ?

alisonwonderland said...

you are a terrific mom!!

Glenn Amber Evans said...

OK so that was totally funny!! I'll have to use that idea later in life.. Your family is so cute

Aubrey said...

I am still laughing that was great. You are the greatest, and most clever mom.

Christy said...

thanks for that post. i will try that with my boy. your awesome....