Friday, October 03, 2008

The Crazy Cluckers

I know everyone has been dying to know more info on our cluckers. (ha ha ha) Well let me introduce to you our new breakfast.....and dinner eventually.....maybe.

Anyway, here is Jane. At first we were told that her name was Jane Doe. We decided to just shorten it to Jane. Well, then Little Dude decided that she needed to be called Power Ranger Jane. So here she is. She is the only one right now that produces eggs. She will come up to you when you walk in the back yard, but is a little bit of a hog, when I give her treats.

Here is Mini. Her name we just Mini, but Little Princess decided that she needed to be a Princess too. So she is now Princess Mini. She is just little. She likes to follow the cat all over the back yard. She also likes to get out of her coop, luckily she can't get out of the greenhouse.
Being a chicken owner is very entertaining really. We watched Power Ranger Jane eat a praying mantis the other day and my boys (daddy mostly) were thrilled!

Thanks again Holly and Marisa! I never thought we would have chickens wandering around. We enjoy them though.

And the neighbors are pretty understanding too....which helps.


Jenni said...

I told the kids you guys got chickens, and Caleb was questioning me if I was allergic to chickens too. I told him I didn't think I was, and he is sure we're going to get some chickens one day. We'll have to come and meet them soon!

Maureena said...

You'll have to keep us informed. I once thought it would be cool to have chickens because I eat so many eggs, but then we got kittens and now I REALLY hate pets.

You'll have to let us know if they really are a lot of upkeep. And how poopy they make the place.

stephanie said...

HECK YEAH! i need chickens!

Jessup Jive said...

Have I ever mentioned to you, that I'm a little afraid of chickens. It all started when I was little....

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Glad to see they are entertaining. Yesterday Toby confessed while I was napping he sneaked the chickens like four pieces of break and a half a box of crackers - just because he enjoyed watching them dive for the treats. See...they are entertaining little things.