Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lisa This is for you

Years and Years ago (I think I was 13) I went to a girl's camp for church. Oakcrest wasn't just any old girl's camp though, it was one where girls from all over the valley came to at the same time. I was not really that happy to be there, but surprisingly I met two of my very best friends there that I am still in contact with to this day.

Lisa was one of these girls that I met and the story how we met is just funny to me, so I thought I would share it today in light of it being her birthday! She takes her birthday very seriously and quite honestly so do I. In all the year that I have known her she has called me on my birthday (except once, but we won't rehash that one. K Lisa?) In return I try not to forget calling her. So today here is my Birthday shout out via the world wide web.

The story how we met:

We were allowed one day to shower at Oakcrest Camp out of the entire week we were there. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair and teeth after my much needed shower and the girl next to me started to chit chat. I had no idea who she was but she was really friendly so we stayed and chatted for a bit. We were both getting ready to start our 8th grade year of Junior High, but she had just moved and was going to start at a new school. When I asked her what school she was going to I told her that was the same school I went to. We talked for a bit longer (I guess it wasn't all that long of a conversation, maybe 15 minutes) but when it was time to go she said "find me on the first day of school." That was it. I didn't see her or talk to her the rest of camp. We didn't exchange any way to keep in contact so I didn't think much about her.

That was until school started. I sat down to one of my classes and there she was. I went up and talked to her and really that was it. We have been great friends ever since. Lisa and I were destined to be friends! I know that for a fact. We have been through so much in life together, mostly her, but she has been there for me through every hard time I have ever faced! I am grateful for her strength and for all that she stands for! She really is an amazing person!

Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope that your day is an awesome one!

Oh and just a fun fact about Lisa and I.....The boy that Lisa kissed for the first time was the same boy I first kissed. Crazy!

Anyway, Have a Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

The first time I met Lisa, she was texting you (2 years ago today). I am always grateful for the friends and friendships that keep us company throughout our lives, even if only a couple times a year. . . Thank you for being One of Lisa's most precious ones. . .

Lisa B said...

I second that! I love you Shannanigan! Thank you for taking our friendship through the years. You really mean a lot to me!